Calling all educators, students, alumnus, case protagonists and business schools! 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the case method.


Reflect, share, learn

Educators: why do you enjoy teaching with cases? What benefits are there for students? What has your experience of teaching with cases during the pandemic been like? Do you have any case teaching tips to share with the community? 

Students and alumnus: what did you enjoy in your case classes, and how has learning with cases inspired you? What has learning with cases online during the pandemic been like? How do you think it compares to a case session in-class? What did you learn in a case session that has been invaluable in your career? Did a particular case teacher inspire you?

Business schools: what positive impact is case teaching having on the learning of students at your school? What skills are developed to enhance their employability? How have you adapted your case teaching during the pandemic? What new and innovative case teaching techniques are being used at your school?

Don't keep it to yourself!

Gif of person going whoop whoopShare your thoughts across social media on 2 February 2022.

This could be a simple written post, or why not film and share a short video? It doesn't need to be movie production quality, just pop yourself in front of your smart phone and film away. If you want to be creative why not use some props, or get your students involved? 

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Join the conversation by including #WorldCaseTeachingDay in your posts across all social media platforms. We'll be reposting a selection of the best on 2 February 2022.

Not got access to post on social media?

If you don’t have access to post on social media and would like your thoughts to be shared via the #WorldCaseTeachingDay social media channels on 2 February 2022, please provide your post(s) by 19 January 2022 using this template.

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